Lenovo has Serious Shipping and Fulfillment Problems

by Chris Kenton on May 31, 2007

So much for my love of the Thinkpad. I ordered a new z61t a month ago. In that time, I’ve had three shipping date changes, at least one outright lie from a Lenovo rep telling me the delay had been resolved, and now my latest "estimated shipping date" is 3 more weeks away, with zero confidence in anything Lenovo says. This is apparently a tradition at Lenovo. They give a great promotion on a good product–mine was $400 off the retail price–and then claim all sorts of reasons why consumers have to wait months to get their computer. The shipment was held up by customs. Our screen provider had a production problem. We’re backordered on cases.

The result is not only a lot of angry customers, which I can’t imagine will do any good for the Lenovo brand, but real costs in lost orders and heavy traffic on their customer service lines. Since Lenovo keeps changing the ship date, and has lied to me about the ETA, I’m now dedicated to calling them everyday, letting my speaker phone keep me company with hold music until I get a live rep, and then peppering them with questions about why my laptop hasn’t shipped, and why can’t they give me a straight answer. I imagine that’s replicated many times over by other unhappy customers.

I’d cancel the order, but it was a good deal, and I can hold out on my desktop without any problem. I’m just disappointed that Lenovo is turning out to be such a lame company that it can’t even get its logistics in order.

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Heather January 24, 2014 at 5:38 am

Lenovo is such a let down! I ordered a ThinkPad on Jan. 1st and they have been pushing my shipping date back over and over and when I call customer service to find out what is going on they don’t have answers, in fact the last 2 people I have spoken with said they emailed the warehouse and would get back to me by end of business and each time I have not heard anything. Yesterday was my limit of patience because I called they said they would get back to me and I didn’t hear anything. Then this morning I checked my order status and AGAIN my shipping date has been pushed out but this time until Feb. 11, almost a month a half later!? they MUST be crazy!I really like the ThinkPad but this is totally unacceptable their product is not THAT great! So because I am tired of borrowing my friend’s ThinkPad I am calling when customer service opens to cancel my order and I will have to hunt down a lesser laptop or beg and plead to keep borrowing then wait until one day when they FINALLY get their shipping situation fixed but seeing as how this has been going on for years I do not see that happening anytime in the near future. I am extremely disappointed and will be posting reviews about it.

ken dang January 29, 2014 at 2:49 pm

I am currently waiting on a laptop I ordered 12-4-2013 ! The payment I made in December was put in the wrong account , so the only option I had was to reorder . So now I am currently waiting on them to find the funds again ! They cant even refund my money .

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