So This Happened


A few weeks after the last post I wrote on this blog, almost 4 years ago, a 100 foot tree fell from my neighbor’s yard onto my house. My wife and son were sitting down to dinner when the tree crashed through the roof. They dove under the table and the tree came through the ceiling to stop three feet above their heads.

I was running late getting home from the office in San Francisco when I got the call from a neighbor, saying only that the tree had come down, neighbors were trying to get to my wife and son, and I needed to get home as fast as I could. I was stuck in the evening gridlock on highway 101. Miles away.

It’s been a long road through a dark and lonely forest trying to find the light of day. I lost my house and my home. I nearly lost my business, my sanity, and more than I ever want to put into words.  I also learned the hard truth that misfortune is a resource that is very thoroughly and efficiently mined for profit by insurance companies, banks and lawyers. After almost 4 years of battle, we are awaiting word on an insurance settlement that would make us whole so we can finally move on with our lives.

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Now that the sun is rising again, now that my company SocialRep is beginning to thrive, I’m thinking of writing again. Writing without disaster and survival always at the forefront of every free moment.

For all that’s happened, I have no idea how to address the past.  It happened and our lives were turned upside down. We trudged through the wilderness and now our lives are almost normal again. There’s a universe in between, and now I only want to leave it behind. Maybe someday I’ll unpack it, try to unwind everything and make sense of it.

But maybe I’ll just pack it up, put it on a little boat and push it out to sea.

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