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Competing for Customers and CapitalIn a business environment that demands ever greater accountability from marketing, it’s important for marketers to have a solid grounding in a conceptual framework of marketing finance that transcends flavor-of-the-month trends. Victor J. Cook, Jr. can be said without hyperbole to be one of the most important contributers to our understanding of marketing strategy and finance. Currently Emeritus Professor of Enterprise Marketing Strategy at Tulane University, Cook has written some of the most influential papers on marketing strategy and finance over the past 40 years, and one of the first to push forward concepts of Marketing Return on Investment.

In Competing for Customers and Capital , Cook lays out a new conceptual framework for understanding the role marketing plays in contributing to the bottom-line value of a product and a business. Forget the Wannamaker principal–that half of your marketing budget is wasted, you just don’t know which half. Cook puts forward concrete financial metrics that directly tie product markets and capital markets to revenue and shareholder value. These are new foundational concepts in business and marketing management that any marketing or general business executive must understand.

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Prologue—Oct. 16: Introduction

A Conversation with Victor Cook

Dialog: Competing for Customers and Capital

Dialog: Measuring Intangible Value

Week 1—Oct. 23: Theoretical Overview

Chapter 1: A Bridge to Tomorrow

Supplemental Material: 30-minute narrated PowerPoint supporting chapter 1.

Dialog: Introductory Concepts

Dialog: Understanding Intangibles

Week 2—Oct. 30: Product/Stock Markets

Chapter 2: Y’all Buckle That Seat Belt

Chapter 3: Who’s in My Strategic Group?

Supplemental Material: 20-minute narrated PowerPoint supporting chapter 2.

Dialog: How Marketing Creates Shareholder Value

Dialog: Penetrating the Mist of Marketing Financials

Week 3—Nov. 6: Earnings Quality

Chapter 4: Enterprise Marketing Expenses

Supplemental Material: 15-minute narrated PowerPoint supporting chapter 4.

Dialog: The Mysteries of Enterprise Marketing

Chapter 5: The Rule of Maximum Earnings

Supplemental Material: 15-minute narrated PowerPoint supporting chapter 5.

Dialog: The Rule of Maximum Earnings

Chapter 6: The Battle for Your Desktop

Supplemental Material: 15-minute narrated PowerPoint supporting chapter 6.

Dialog: The Battle For Your Desktop

Chapter 7: In search of Maximum Earnings

Supplemental Material: 15-minute narrated PowerPoint supporting chapter 7.

Dialog: In Search of Maximum Earnings

Week 4—Nov. 13: Valuation Model

Chapter 8: High-Fliers and Bottom-Feeders

Chapter 9: Competitive Stock Valuation

Supplemental Material: 15-minute narrated PowerPoint supporting chapter 9.

Dialog: Analyzing and Forecasting Enterprise Marketing Performance

Book Discussion Wrap Up

Dialog: Competing For Customers and Capital: Wrapup

Background Materials

The following papers by Victor J. Cook, Jr. were published in Journal of Marketing:

Marketing Strategy and Differential Advantage (PDF)

NPV of Market Share(PDF)

Understand Marketing Strategy and Differential Advantage(PDF)

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