Monthly Archives: June 2006


If you’re reading this post, chances are you either know me
well enough to know I’m going to be writing again, or you have my RSS feed,
which suggests that at least once in the past you found enough value in this
blog to bookmark it. Writing is a relationship. It’s impossible to write
without having a reader in mind, and I want you to know that you are that
reader. If you want to trip out on this concept, read Jurgen Habermas;
otherwise, just accept my profound appreciation for being here to read.

Yesterday was my last day as an executive with GlobalFluency
and the CMO Council. It was a decision I made more than six weeks ago, and rode
through a long cycle of doubt, disappointment, fear and resolve. But I couldn’t
write about it, and while my decision was playing out I couldn’t get excited
writing about anything else. There’s no big drama in my leaving the CMO
Council. It simply wasn’t the right fit. There are some projects I really want
to pursue and for which I could never find the time in the whirlwind of
programs and events at CMOC, and quite frankly there are some strengths and
qualities in leadership that are needed there today that aren’t my strengths
and qualities.

What exactly I will do next is still an open book. I’ve had
some great offers, but part of my decision was to avoid jumping into another
role right away, and to take some time to think, write and explore what matters
to me. For whatever insane reason business, technology and marketing are themes
that hold a lot of sway for me, so those themes will figure prominently, and
you’ll find me writing about those topics here in the coming weeks.

In the immediate future, I’m heading to Hungary next
week with my wife and son to attend a family reunion. Interesting timing. Other
than my immediate family and close cousins, the people and places will be
completely new to me, and a link to a past I’ve never appreciated before. Hungary is a
country at a perennial cross-roads, and I’m sure there will be some relevant
ideas to post here when I can find a few moments in an Internet café.

I couldn’t close this post without expressing my gratitude to
Donovan for the opportunity to spend a year working with GlobalFluency and the
CMO Council. I’ve learned a great deal about marketing, about business, and
about myself. It’s been an incredible gift to work with a team of such amazing
talents. I have no doubt that in whatever way I return to marketing in the
coming weeks, I’ll continue to work with the CMO Council and GlobalFluency in
some way, and I look forward to seeing how it all plays out.

Thanks for reading. Hope to see you see you here again.