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WHIM: Interview with Rene Bonvanie

I’m still producing periodic “What’s Happening in Marketing” videos, in partnership with Miner Productions. I was inspired this time by the buzz that Serena Software has been generating with their viral videos and social media programs. When you dig below the surface, the story is even more surprising. Serena isn’t some new startup born on the Web 2.0 front line. In fact, they’ve were around before many of the geeks programming Web 2.0 applications were even born. So how does an old-line software company reinvent itself as a social media innovator, and what do they see in social media that compells such a transformation? I sat down with Rene Bonvanie, the CMO behind Serena’s new marketing efforts to find out.

As always, this video was filmed and produced by the great people at Miner Productions.