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On The Road with Social Media

It’s been a crazy busy week. I’ve been heads down working on the business plan for both MotiveLab and MarketingRev. I’ve had a number of inquiries over the past week by different VCs nominally interested in seeing where this is all going, and I’m negotiating partnerships in Europe and Asia to scale up rapidly.

I had a chance to check out the AdTech show, but other than running into Mark Carlson from SimpleFeed, I didn’t see a whole lot to get excited about. Way too many carbon copy companies trying to sustain a feeding frenzy mentality. Get Rich Quick on Internet Advertising and Affiliate Marketing, Now!. I’ve got a bag full of collateral I’ll be filtering through next week to see if anything pops out.

I finished up the week at Clickability’s VIP conference, which was fantastic. Some very interesting insights from people at the heart of the traditional media meltdown and migration to the Web. I think it’s an event with the potential to transcend the typical user conference and become something nuch more–something about navigating the accelerating (R)evolution of mass media. I served on a panel discussing the impact of User Generated Content on traditional media, and had the pleasure of listening to Ken Jones from Five Across talk about some of the progressive things happening at Cisco, where Five Across has joined the portfolio of recent Cisco acquisitions with WebEx and Linksys. It sounds like Cisco has had a sincere life-altering epiphany and is reshaping itself from a communications technology company into a social media platform. I’m planning to interview Ken in the near future to find out more.

Stowe Boyd keynoted yesterday about the Ecology of Participation, and has posted his slides online. I videotaped an interview with Stowe during the break that will be in the lineup of my new video blog, launching in a few weeks. Never one to shy away from the provocative, Stowe declares the Death of PR in the interview. Should drive some good dialog.

Chris Alden from Six Apart also keynoted, and had some interesting insights about the continuing evolution of blogging. He sees a lot of uptake for blogging among corporations using the platform for productivity and internal communications in a way that augments email. He points out that email is not an ideal communications tool for managing information about projects, since it’s hard to search and easily archive a complex thread of email communications in one place. Blogs are ideal for hosting a thread of group communications that can be easily archived and search. He also sees the eventual merging of blogs and wikis, maybe five years down the road. Chris is also on my video interview list. He’s one of the founders of the original Red Herring magazine, and the founder of Rojo, an RSS news reader that was acquired by Six Apart, where he’s now EVP of the blogging platform company’s Professional Division. Needless to say, he’s got a lot of valuable insights on the social media industry.