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iSolar is iPower for iPhone


One of the biggest concerns people have been pointing out about the iPhone is battery life. Apple’s track record with batteries has been a little spotty, and when the iPhone is also an MP3 player as well as a PIM, skeptics are saying we might only expect 2-5 hours of battery life. Not exactly the kind of device you can rely on during those 18-hour days of working life, which is hard to swallow with a $500+ price tag.


So little faith, people. Steve knew the cynics needed something to complain about, and their public griping formed the perfect frame for a solution he already had well in hand. With his trademark flair for showmanship, Steve unveiled the true revolutionary power of the iPhone to a select group of industry analysts at MacWorld yesterday. The iSolar personal energy array, shipping with each new iPhone. Fashion. Sustainability. Pure genius.