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Google’s Dance Party a Miner Miracle

I’ve been doing a lot more work in partnership with Miner Productions over the past year, including our What’s Happening in Marketing Videos and Elite Retreat events. I wasn’t involved in their big rave last week at Google, but their production of one of Google’s biggest events is a great example of what an ace team can accomplish. They turned Google’s campus into a huge dance house, wining and dining more than seven thousand Googlers with a night of music and high tech entertainment. Very cool stuff. I’m proud to partner with Miner–and I’m looking forward to our Elite Retreat in Hawaii in October. Very different event, but you can see the depth of what they can do to turn an event into an event.

Google Dance Party, produced by Miner Productions
Look. It’s a Googly dance floor!

Google Dance Party Lazer Tag
Laser Tagging Graffiti

Google Dance Party
A high-tech version of Caricature drawing.

Google Dance Party
T-shirts that reveal a hidden icon under glow lights.

Congratulations, Miner. On to Hawaii!