Please Donate to Relief Aid

In many ways we are becoming a world without borders–we can make friends with people from all over the planet and share ideas and information without ever meeting in person. And yet, in a time of disaster, when you can’t reach out physically and help in a rescue effort, or comfort someone who has lost a child, or a husband, or a mother, you realize how distant we can be. Pain and suffering somewhere else in the world is just another part of the news cycle.

Jeremiah Owyang has been really banging the drum on every forum where he’s active to inspire donations to relief agencies coming to the aid of disaster victims in China and Myanmar. He’s been encouraging people on Twitter, on Facebook, and on his blog, recently posting a series of his own pictures from a trip to China.

I really respect the effort Jeremiah is making to leverage his large network of friends and colleagues to show solidarity and support for the victims of these tremendous disasters, and so I’m adding my voice in the small way I can on this blog to encourage you to make whatever donation you can to the Red Cross. Please help and make the world a little smaller.

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