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CMO Club San Francisco

I’m speaking next Tuesday night at the CMO Club in San Francisco about Deeper Trends in Social Media. Pete Krainik, a long-time marketing executive (Avaya, DoubleClick, Siebel, M&M/Mars), launched the CMO Club a couple of years ago to fill a void in the sea of marketing organizations: a club by, and for, CMOs, with frequent, regional gatherings of top marketing executives to network and share ideas.  It’s been fun to watch the Club grow–now over 500 members, and they just hosted a successful summit in New York.

Tuesday night will be a dinner format, hosted at Il Fornaio in San Francisco. I’ll be giving a short presentation and then leading a discussion on social media, and how it’s impacting enterprise marketing organizations. I’ll be brief about the obvious issues, like social media’s impact on brand management and messaging, and drill down into deeper trends, like the pressure social media causes on marketing teams and programs, it’s role in the changing structure of marketing as a corporate function, and its impact on global markets and international marketing. I have a couple of short case studies from work I’ve been doing with SocialRep that I’ll share as well.

If you’re the top marketing executive in your organization, your invited to join the dinner and dialog, Tuesday at 6pm at Il Fornaio in San Francisco. You can sign up online.