Marketonomy Migration

Okay, this took way too long. But it’s done. Marketonomy–and my reliance on TypePad–is dead. If you’re reading this by RSS, come and check out the new WordPress site. I’m excited and relieved, but don’t get me started on the rant about the migration. Let’s just say I got far too familiar with .htaccess modrewrites and redirects.

After three years writing under the Marketonomy banner, I’m retiring the name and using my own. It was just too confusing when I’m also associated with SocialRep and MotiveLab–and I’m tired of spelling the URL out all the time. (It sounded like such a great idea at the start…) So now it’s just, but I’ll continue to write about marketing and technology and my perceptions on how they interact and impact society.

The image in the header was photographed by French photographer Philippe Dollo a few years ago. He was playing around at the time with some kind of mechanical panoramic camera–the lens actually panned from side to side and exposed a long sheet of film. I was drawing a blank over what to build the design of the blog around when I remembered these photos, and the whole process suddenly changed direction and became a blast.

Let me know what you think of the new design.

2 thoughts on “Marketonomy Migration

  1. Aaron Ross

    ha love the picture! and i expect to migrate from blogger to wordpress at some point, now i know who to call for IT help 🙂

    great blog, keep the good stuff coming!

  2. Chris Kenton Post author

    Oh, boy, can I give you some insights about the migration. Mark off a big chunk of time, and grab a good Apache manual. 🙂

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