More Marketing Views of Japan

I have a few more interesting and funny images to post from my trip to Japan. Some content may not be suitable for children.

Everyone knows the Japanese are crazy about gadgets. In Japan, you can often find dazzling ways to solve problems you didn’t even know existed. Japan is, after all, home of the heated toilet seat, which I was impressed to see even in public bathrooms. But the gadget below is a brilliant solution to the problem of creating a perfect head of foam on a pint of Guiness. First, you pour the beer into a glass, making sure to use the proper technique for pouring a completely flat beer, which is tough with Guiness. Then you place the glass on the platform and throw the switch. A stream of ultrasonic rays pulse through the beer, and like a flower coming into bloom, the beer suddenly foams and a perfect head settles to the top. It’s a pretty cool bar toy, and definitely makes you want to drain your glass to see it again. And it looks more impressive with each beer your drink. Even the bartender is amazed!


The Japanese are also big on vending machines. There’s pretty much nothing you can’t buy from a vending machine in Tokyo. The contents of the vending machine below aren’t all that unusual, but the title really caught my eye. If you can think of a caption that says more than the image itself…


With all the cheap products coming in from China, it’s almost impossible to tell the knock-offs from the real deal. Almost.


And finally, this was my last snapshot from Tokyo, taken on an escalator in the train station. You see all kinds of crazy phrases in English stenciled on t-shirts in Japan, most of which make no sense at all. But this was oddly poetic, embroidered on the back of a nice shirt worn by a friendly looking woman.   


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