Multivariate Testing with Offermatica’s Matt Roche

This is the second in the set of marketing technology videos I produced for MarketingRev. This week, I’m interviewing Matt Roche from Offermatica, one of the world’s leading experts on optimization and multivariate testing. As I posted on MarketingRev:

Offermatica is one of the world’s leading optimization companies, offering technologies that help businesses dynamically test and deliver content that resonates most with customers online. As you’ll hear from Matt there are different types of optimization strategies, from multi-variate testing to behavioral targeting and beyond,  but the goal is always the same–to listen to your customers and deliver content that’s most relevant to their interests.

This is a critical area of technology that marketers must understand, and Matt is as incisive and insightful in explaining the technology as any expert in the field. Offermatica also has a great set of resources on its site to explain optimization in more detail.

As always, big thanks to Miner Productions, and their wonderful crew for all the help and support on video production.

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