If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Shamu

I’m a fish out of water this week. Instead of writing my blog from a local coffee shop listening to a Reggae cover of Dark Side of The Moon, I’m in a Baker’s Square in San Diego, listening to what sounds like a Yanni cover of Chicago’s greatest hits. The cover of USAToday features a story on the “mind-boggling” growth of morbid obesity in America; the Baker’s Square menu features a line-up of 5000-calorie entries. Oatmeal and fruit are side orders. When I order them, the waiter waits for a moment, then asks, is that all?

It’s spring break and my wife and I are taking my 5-year-old son on a road trip. Sea World, Legoland, the Mother-in-Law’s. It’s all a blur. I’m still on my daily clock, up early while the others sleep. Time enough to get a little writing done and get my thoughts about business out of the way for the day. T

his week is shaping up to be the clutch between first and second gears. I’ve got a partnership with Clickability that will move into high speed next week. I’ve got another partnership with Miner Productions moving into full swing with a Social Media bootcamp event that we’re planning for fall. I’m moving into a daily writing schedule on a book with Victor Cook, and I’ve just shot the first of a new video blog series that will go into production in a couple of weeks.

In the midst of all this activity, I’m starting to put the first pieces together to organize and grow. I hope to be able to announce the addition of an editor for MarketingRev before the end of the month as we work on the transition over to the new Clickability platform, as well as my first cycle of paid sponsorship.

But today is still Tuesday.Time for Shamu.

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