Corporate Strategy Through a Marketing Lens

I’ve been getting under way with Victor Cook on a new book about the Enterprise Marketing Framework (EMF)–a framework of strategic analysis through the lens of marketing financials, based on Victor’s book, Competing for Customers and Capital. Victor is putting together a series of case studies that review major corporate events through the EMF lens.  His latest analysis looks at Microsoft’s bid for DoubleClick, which has driven a lot of media attention ever since Google threw a $2 billion offer on the table.

If you want a quick background on the story, you can find a blurb that I wrote for MarketingRev. The long and the short of it is that DoubleClick is the Internet king of banner advertising, and Microsoft wants it to bolster their Internet business. Google, the Internet king of text advertising, is now threatening to win a bidding war over DoubleClick, and analysts are competing to make dire predictions over the outcome.

Victor’s analysis, using the principles laid out in Competing for Customers and Capital, (reviewed here) demonstrates the unique insights that can be gained when you analyze a company’s market performance in light of their enterprise marketing expenses, their market share, and their market value. In the case of Microsoft, using the EMF to compare Microsoft’s software, gaming and Internet business markets sheds clear light on why Microsoft is so compelled to go after DoubleClick. I believe this is truly new ground being staked out for strategic marketers. Read the analysis on Victor’s blog

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