Making Sense of RSS

I’ve finally posted my first videocast on, laying out the fundamentals of RSS and its implications for marketers in an interview with Mark Carlson, the CEO of SimpleFeed. It’s not a big bells and whistles kind of video, but if you’re a marketer and you’re not up to speed on RSS, it’s a quick and painless way to learn about many of the key issues and challenges. I’m working on a long series of similar videos, and I’m taking suggestions and comments on improving them

The current video is a straightforward interview, which I shot, edited and posted with consumer equipment and software. That’s in stark contrast to a series of videos I’ve been working on in partnership with MinerProductions, where we’ve had professional cameramen, editors, and a truckload of equipment. The difference to me is interesting to parse–both in what happens when you work on a big production, and how viewers receive it, and I talked a little about this issue on the Unica blog.   Suffice to say I think video is going to continue to be rapidly democratized, but I also think it’s going to evolve a lot faster toward the kind of production values we are accustomed to on television.

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