Getting Started with Social Media

I’ve got a new post up today at Unica, highlighting some of the takeaways from my brainstorming session last week with a large company looking to engage in social media. There are so many ways to launch effective social media initiatives, that this is just a small sampling of ideas. But they’re framed in the context of some specific challenges that many large businesses face, so I hope that makes them a little more targetted and relevant.

I’m posting this morning from Lake Tahoe, where I took a few days hoping to get a little snowboarding in during what’s been a really bad year for snow in California. There’s been almost no snow all year. Until this weekend. It’s been a blizzard for two days. Three or four feet of snow. 40-mile an hour winds, gusting to 100 over the ridgetops. I got a half day in yesterday, and it felt like an expedition to Everest. I’m hoping it lets up today so I can get another day in before heading home.

One of my friends was watching me write the Unica post this morning, saying it sucks to have to write while you’re taking a day at the snow. But I see it the other way around. How cool is it to be able to work from the snow?

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