IE 7 Sucks. Still

This would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic. After writing a blog post a couple of weeks ago about my frustration with IE 7, my blog traffic has spiked with incoming hits from "IE Sucks" search queries on Google and Yahoo. Someone helpfully pointed me to some instructions to keep my IE 7 browser from crashing every time I merely think about clicking on anything that looks like a link. Now IE 7 seems to stay open long enough for me click on a Web site or two. Fantastic. What did I have to do? Oh, just disable a bunch of pesky Security settings under the Tools menu–settings deemed important enough to be the OEM default. I guess that’s the strategy now for rock-solid Web security–if the browser is constantly crashing, no one can hack it now can they?

What? You want the browser to work? Well then, you’re just asking for malicious viruses aren’t you?

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