T-Minus 6

I’m six days out from officially launching my new gig(s). I’m excited, but burning the candle at both ends with a blow torch to try and finish my endless stack of task lists. (Putting a fresh coat of paint on Marketonomy, modest as it is, was on my list this week.)

I’ll be announcing my new business venture at the Inspiration Festival during New York’s Advertising Week. Juliette Powell, who is running the event, is consistently one of the most energetic and free-thinking people I have the pleasure of knowing–and she’s been pushing and nudging me toward delivering some kind of marketing manifesto to clarify my tangled theories of marketing, technology and social influence. That will be the stage for announcing my new business. No pressure.

If the festival is anything like other events she’s produced, it’s guaranteed to be the wildest mix of business people, scientists, artists and thinkers in NYC. There’s a three-day line up of presentations, art showings and parties at venues around the city, including a series of science and culture presentations hosted by Seed Magazine at the Dillion Gallery. I’ve got a couple of comp passes, so if you’re a Marketonomy reader and you’re in New York, drop me a note and a bribe. ๐Ÿ™‚   

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