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Let me start with a disclaimer. I love B2B Magazine. They cover strategic marketing like it’s news, and they focus, as their name suggests, on B2B. But I’m still scratching my head over their recent roundup of the "Best & Brightest Media Strategists". (Okay, recent, as in last month, but I’m still catching up on my rag reading.)

When I started browsing over their picks, I noticed a distinctive lack of online media strategy. In fact, I finally had to pore over each profile before I found even one concrete example of an online strategy–really nothing more than a paid sponsorship for a site–among a number of interesting samples of print, radio, TV, and outdoor media ploys. What gives? They paid lip service to the Web in their intro, saying they’d made their picks based on the subject’s innovative use of strategy across online and offline media, and yet there wasn’t a single example of really innovative online strategy at all.

Is this 2005? The year when everyone’s in a froth over projections for online advertising in 2006? The year when everyone’s projecting the death of the newspaper audience?

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    Online Media Emphasis

    Christopher Kenton makes a really good point about a recent B2B article in which the ‘best and brightest’ of the media world had very little reference to the online space. His rhetorical questions at the end of the post seem…

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