Alan Scott Interview

In my first foray into podcasting, I’ve interviewed Alan Scott, CMO of Factiva. Alan is one of the most candid–and often provocative–marketers around, so it was the perfect opportunity to step into audio and capture some of his thoughts on tape. I interviewed Alan over the phone, and we talked about everything from why marketers are losing control of "the message" to why salespeople make better marketers.

The podcast is about 22 minutes long, and the file is 8MB–and you’ll have to endure my first attempts at "slick" audio production. Click here to listen. (right click to download).

3 thoughts on “Alan Scott Interview

  1. The Spark

    Straight From A CMO’s Mouth

    One of the marketing blogs I regularly check is Marketonomy, written by Christopher Kenton, the program director at the CMO Council. Chris recently waded into the waters of podcasting with a 22 minute interview with Alan Scott, the CMO of

  2. Brooks Jordan


    I’m listening to the Alan Scott podcast while I type this – “you really have to focus on what you’re going to do to change people’s lives” – and it’s really very good.

    Great job and I hope you do more.

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