Ning Bling

by Chris Kenton on October 5, 2005

A new site has popped up on the Net called "Ning", and it takes the whole concept of democratizing content to a new level–making it possible to democratize the democratizing of appplications. Okay, in English: social applications, things like blogs, bulletin boards, matchmakers, etc., allow the unwashed masses to publish and distribute their own content to a broad audience. Now, someone is out there with a platform to allow the masses to create their own social applications to allow the masses to publish and distribute content.

Why write a blog on books if what you’d rather do is just create a public bookshelf? Why post and sell to strangers on eBay, when you could create one for your own neighborhood?

This is nowhere near primetime, but what a fascinating look at how decentralized the whole social economic order could become. I feel some unknown synapses firing. Could just be the coffee.

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Strategic Name Development Product Naming Blog October 10, 2005 at 11:44 am

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