Wormhole Superbowl

What’s more pathetic: 

  1. The fact that watching the Superbowl primarily for the ads has lost its irony?
  2. The fact that more Monday morning quarterbacking focuses on the ad industry than the teams that played the game?
  3. The fact that the ad that "won" the Superbowl was itself an ironic analysis of Superbowl advertising?

It’s a wormhole of self-reference. It’s like Zsa Zsa Gabor being famous for being famous. We’re running on fumes here.

The only place to go next is to have the Superbowl feature NFL players acting as football players playing in the real Superbowl. Or maybe "working at" playing in the Superbowl, like some kind of reality TV show. Someone call Mark Burnett.

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